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We are Egypt’s latest and most advanced 3D Printing Bureau/ 3d Solutions Company, offering a wide range of 3D printing & Additive Manufacturing Services, including 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, CAD Designing, Painting & Finishing Services.

Our specialty is extra large scale Industrial-grade SLA & FDM 3D printing, which allows our customers to quickly and efficiently create and scale up their designs and models, fulfilling a critical niche in the Egyptian 3D Printing Market.

Using 3D Printing as a tool, we provide full solutions to a wide range of industries, including Architects, Manufacturing, Sculptors, and many other creative fields.

Since ages past, our country has been renowned throughout the world, for its ability to create awe-inspiring wonders. With the advent of 3D Printing, we now have the ability to create miniature wonders, within the palms of our hands.

Join Gazelle 3D Tech the best 3D Printing Company In Egypt in taking this technology to the next level.


At Gazelle 3D Tech (3d Solutions Company), our Vision is to make 3D Printing available to everyone, in the simplest way. To pave the way for mass adoption of this revolutionary technology, and to ensure it reaches and benefits everyone.

Our mission is to remain the most advanced 3D printing service bureau in Egypt, keeping up with the latest technologies and advancements. We aim to lead the revolution of Industry 4.0 in Egypt. We are aiming to become the best 3d Solutions Company.


Wide Breadth of Technologies
An International Team
Turnkey Solutions
State of the Art Technologies

Wide Breadth of Technologies

Currently, the various types of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing technologies available today each come with their own advantages and disadvantages, forcing consumers to compromise over their needs. With Gazelle 3D’s wide breadth of technologies, should you desire, eighty percent of your model of the Greek Titan Hyperion can be created economically by FDM, whilst the remainder twenty percent (which has fine details such as the face and clothes) can be done by the much more precise, albeit costly, SLA.

This type of unique flexibility gives Gazelle 3D Tech the unparalleled ability in the market to create bespoke solutions for each of our valued clients, with factors such as cost, speed, material, precision, and many others, each boasting unmatched variability. Want only specific parts of your model to be made out of multicolored FDM? Gazelle 3D Tech has you covered. Need only select parts of your custom medical tool to be made from bio-composite material via FDM, and the rest made from SLA?

Gazelle 3D Tech the fastest-growing 3d Solutions Company has the solution for you.

An International Team

Gazelle 3D Tech is a part of the established Gazelle Brand in Egypt, known for their high-quality manufacturing stationary products since the past twenty years.

Being a part of such a large, multinational, and multicultural group gives Gazelle 3D Tech the choicest selection of suppliers, talent, technology, and information. This gives us the ability to provide our clients a peerless advantage in their work, to their benefit. Our team of world-class engineers, designers and developers are sourced from different countries over multiple continents.

With established international supply and shipping chains, Gazelle 3D Tech is ready to deliver to you, wherever you are in the world.

Turnkey Solutions

3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing, with its many layers of development, has the potential to reap manifold benefits from the Turnkey type of manufacturing management. Gazelle 3D is proud to state that it offers complete turnkey 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing solutions to its valued customers. Come to us with even just the barebones of an idea, and our team of in-house designers and developers are ready to make your wildest dreams come true. Our limit is your imagination.

The range of services offered by Gazelle 3D Tech under the aegis of Turnkey comprises of Idea Conceptualization, Reverse Engineering, 3D Scanning, 2D Drafting of the idea, Artwork, Computer Model Creation, Simulation and Renders, Prototyping, Final Product Creation, Finishing, Model Refinement & Assembly, Fiberglass works, Electrical Functionality, Packing/Delivery/Shipment, Model Maintenance Guides and User Instructions, Customer Care, and so much more.

Have your ideas made into reality at the press of a button, with Gazelle 3D Tech.

State of the Art Technologies

In an industry where speed is of the essence, Gazelle 3D Tech boasts some of the fastest 3D Printers in Egypt, with up to 400 mm/s printing capabilities. We understand the urgency behind our client’s requests, and we endeavor to have their models within their hands within the shortest amount of time possible. Urgent deadlines for university projects, immediate spare parts for continual machine operation, same day delivery on an item request? Not a problem.

Precision & Finishing are the magic words in 3D Printing, which separates the good from the great. At Gazelle 3D Tech we are hyper-cognizant of this fact, and reflect this in our machines, which are no less than 0.05mm precise for models up to 20cm3, and 0.1mm for models up to 50cm3. Hair, latticework, and cloth, such fine details and so much more, are well within the grasp of our customers’ needs.

Our State-of-the-Art technologies mean that you have a wide range of materials to choose from, each with their own unique properties. Your creation’s rigidity, plasticity, toxicity, medical grade, and so many more options, are all available for your careful consideration. Tailor your work, however you see fit.

Water-soluble-support creation, five color multi-printing, and three-dimensional nesting, are just a few examples of the latest technologies you can expect, from Gazelle 3D.