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3D Printed Birdhouses – Saving the Egypt Bird LifeMany city dwellers don’t even notice the lovely bird life in our surroundings but Egypt is home to many lovely feathered creatures including the house sparrow, pied and house crow, feral pigeon, speckled pigeon, common bulbul and lesser stripped sparrow to mention a few.

As urban dwellers we Egyptians must appreciate the natural beauty we are blessed with, the delightful climate and the flora and fauna that’s part of the package. Many nature lovers in Egypt make sure they build bird houses or nesting boxes in their gardens to provide a safe place for birds to build their nests. These small and simple pieces of miniature architecture go a long way to protect birds from the elements and predators. In the colder months, they give the local birds a refuge to come together for warmth.

Yet, did you know that these winged friends can help make your garden a prettier and healthier place because they help control pests and troublesome weeds?  Many play a role in flower pollination as well adding to the beauty of your landscaping.Birdhouses are perfect to enhance the theme of your garden or balcony and compliment the native plants. But there is no need to hire a carpenter to build one and go through the pains of finding out if the final design turned out the way you had imagined. Also, why go through the pains of building an amateurish contraption yourself when you could simply have a sturdy design 3D printed by the creative experts at Gazelle 3D Tech.

No matter what your personal taste, outdoor décor or garden theme, there is no birdhouse design which is too creative or outlandish for the Gazelle 3D Tech team. From a basic birdhouse design to any structure your imagination can conjure up that is bird friendly, our designers will have you approve the CAD design and then create this masterpiece. The material used in the 3D printed birdhouse is strong enough to suit the Kenyan weather conditions and house a number of birds and their seeds and water.

Watch your native landscaped garden become a haven for birds and relish how your property value will rise. Visit the Gazelle 3D Tech website or take an appointment to discuss your inspiring ideas and play your role in saving the birds.