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A Collector’s Dream 3D –  Come TrueThe team at Gazelle 3D Tech comprising of engineers, technicians and artists, ensure that each of its clients is satisfied in the trust they put in them. This is why Gazelle 3D Tech loves sharing client stories which helps the company grow and evolve into a premier 3D design and printing company in Egypt.

In the year 2020, a client who was a collector approached Gazelle 3D Tech inquiring whether it would be able to 3D print a leopard skull. Actual skull replicas, it was found upon research, were highly priced thus the collector was seeking a 3D option. When COVID 19 struck, the project wasn’t pursued further but recently the Gazelle 3D Tech team followed up with the client yet again.  He was certainly still interested.

This was a challenge for the Impala 3D team which excited them immensely and they set about in their quest to find the CT scan of an actual leopard skull. They finally struck gold when in correspondence with leopard zoos in the West. One particular zoo in USA agreed to provide assistance and shared a CT scanned image of a leopard skull. The model was crafted after the image was transferred and scanned. Here began the search for a material which would closely resemble the feel of a bone. After much research, the desired material was acquired and used to make a smaller version of the skull as a trial.The issue was creating the right size of the leopard skull to be forged from a single whole for which Impala 3D purchased a new, larger 3D printer. After a few trial skulls, when a skull was finally presented to the client, he shared that he wanted it displayed on a stand in his office.

This led the team to redesign the entire skull amalgamating it with a stand.  The client was thrilled and Impala 3D was rewarded with the signature glow of satisfaction of a job well done.

No matter how ambitious your 3D print idea is, the team at Gazelle 3D Tech will always welcome an exciting challenge and strive to make your idea a reality.

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