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Creating Life Like 3D Printed Face BustsBusts, which are cast representations of the upper body, have long been a way to honor historically important figures. This depiction of a person’s head and neck, usually supported by a base, records the individual’s appearance and preserves it for future generations to see. The medium used in the old days was marble, bronze, clay, plaster, wax or wood. It goes without saying that these carved face busts were, and still are, very expensive.

But the amazing technology of 3D printing using computer-aided design (CAD) has helped provide an affordable and feasible option for creating 3D facial busts through the layering method. Recently, a school in Nairobi, Kenya commissioned a bust of the face of the great physicist Albert Einstein for its science laboratory to inspire students with an image of this revolutionary scientist who profoundly influenced almost all branches of modern physics.




There are also many people in Egypt who want to make 3D printed busts of their deceased ancestors. The experts at Gazelle 3D Tech can help them do this by using numerous images taken from different angles of the theme presented by the family, and using them to create a computer-aided design, which is then given a physical form through multi-material 3D printing technology. This helps keep their memories alive.In the case of banks and educational institutes, the former heads of these organizations are being paid tribute by creating 3D-printed busts of faces that will be placed in their corridors. The process is easier if the person whose bust is being made is still alive, and allows the Gazelle 3D Tech team to take pictures from multiple angles to provide a realistic cast. After that, a matte, wooden, or bronze finishing touch is added according to the customer’s requirements.

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