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Gazelle 3D-The Ultimate Destination for Sculptures

Gazelle3D brings forth a range of sculptures created with utmost precision and detailing in life-size measurements using their state-of-the-art CAD designing and printing facilities. This allows clients to create customized statues as per their needs and specification.

The range of sculptures for consumers in Africa extends to interior sculptures for décor as well as sacred sculptures for churches and Christian homes. Gazelle 3D has been trusted with the commissioning of sculptures of the Holy Mary and revered Catholic saints. These sculptures are created with utmost reverence and are one of the reasons the sculptures of Gazelle 3D are popular among our Catholic Brethren.

As far as home décor and embellishment sculptures are concerned, a valued client asked us to create a life-size replica of the lion and lioness which he had as pets. Taking the actual dimensions of the real animals, Gazelle 3D created life-size sculptures which now stand proudly at the entrance of the enclosure where the jungle cats are kept.

A lakeside resort in Kenya known for its flamingos, commissioned Gazelle 3D to create graceful sculptures of the vivid pink-colored birds which now adorn their lobby which makes it a memorable feature for the guests.

There is no lack of people who prize quality novelty—Gazelle 3D created a set of Masai sculptures to man the residence entrance for a client accompanied by a pair of ferocious-looking lion sculptures which has made his home a local landmark.

Visit the Gazelle 3D 3d printing in Egypt website or contact us for a complete solution to all 3D wares in Egypt incorporating CAD designing, scanning, printing, and creation of architectural models and industrial prototypes. You will be enthralled by what a 3D printer can do to create a sculpture, African handicraft, engraved, or mold item which is lasting and aesthetic.