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" The 3D printing industry has revolutionized many a fields one of them being that of research. Research centres when conducting studies on animals and their skulls opt for 3D’s printing services by taking a CT scan of the head and replicating the skull for indepth study without having to harm an actual live animal or keep it under duress.

Complex anatomy structure is one of the challenges for medical students. An accurate and touchable 3 D model can show all the details about the anatomy, and prepare amateurs to learn hands on. 3D skulls have come in handy as CT scanning technology is not 100% reliable resulting in differences between scanned results and the real structure. 3D printed structures meet the requirements of anatomy education, which combines the use of 3D manipulation tools to print a model which can be studied from frontal, left, right and anterior views respectively. The printed model can describe the correct structure and details of the skull clearly, which can be considered as a good alternative to the cadaveric skull.

Many a collectors and animal enthusiasts also are fascinated by animal skull reproduced through 3D printing which are so lifelike and provide the same feel as that of a real bone.

3 D printing technology is a rage in the world of scientific research due to a myriad of benefits such as customization, rapid manufacturing, accuracy and relatively low cost. To view the range of 3D design and printing services in Egypt, visit the Gazelle 3D Tech website or book an appointment with our experts to customize the 3D print of any animal skull to facilitate research and study