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Maquette Makers
" Maquette Makers play a critical role in a wide range of industries, allowing designers and developers the luxury of being able to see their ideas and creations, at scale.
With the power of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing at their beck and call, Maquette Makers now have the ability to create entire models with the press of a button. Gazelle 3D Tech’s printers, which can create maquettes of up to 80cmx80cmx60cm by size, allow customers to reduce their production times by up to 75%*. Models are produced bigger and with greater precision, which is not matched by conventional C&C cutting and fabricating methods.
The larger size also allows for greater degrees of nesting, netting cost reductions for our customers, as well as reductions in production time, at zero cost to precision and accuracy.

Gazelle 3D’s Turnkey solutions also mean that Maquette Makers no longer have to worry about the minutiae and finishing of their models, and can devote their time and energy full-time to other matters. Specific gloss, matte, and other color finishes that may be required by specific maquettes, are also available.

With our large selection of materials available, Maquette Makers will have the ability to ensure not only that their models look like what they want, but also feel like it as well.

Ensure your maquettes are exactly as you want them, with up to 99.99% accuracy and precision, at Gazelle 3D Tech.

*- when compared to the average time taken to create an average medium sized and complex, finished, maquette.
[1] Data taken from survey of Maquette Making Firms.