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Paying Attention to Architectural Detail with Gazelle 3D TechAt the heart of the architectural process in architectural firms, is a team of qualified architects who design a building as per their client’s requirements. This designing is often done on paper first and then a 3D design of the building is created digitally. The next step includes using the expertise of a team of architectural model makers who create a physical 3D model of the building.


The architectural model-making process is quite painstaking which not just requires a precise replication of the digital design created but in miniature form. When model makers craft the model of a building, usually they fashion the structure with acrylic. In order to specify a kind of material to be used in a particular area, for instance, a wall which is to be constructed with a special kind of brick, these model makers usually paste a sticker of the brick being used on that particular wall. Traditional model makers also spend a lot of time and energy in tediously and meticulously laser-cutting pieces of acrylic to make intricate balconies and balustrades and sand it to create a realistic and proportionate miniature.


Top architectural firms in Nairobi, Kenya have now turned to the value-added services of Gazelle 3D where SLA 3D printing can create the physically 3D printed model of the original architectural digital design. There is no room for error and attention can be paid to the smallest of details when creating the architectural model to present before clients or display on site.

Instead of stickers to identify certain textures of types of bricks, Gazelle 3D can actually create the miniature version of these tiny bricks to utmost precision complete with texture, design, and color. Not just does this save a lot of time and money, but allows for changes to be made as per clients’ needs as the 3D printing process is not as tedious or costly as traditional model crafting.

Architectural firms also employ the services of Gazelle’s 3D printing services to create cars for their building model’s parking area in a certain size and required dimension. This goes to save a sizable expenditure as you do not have to order an entire carton of cars in case you just need 10-15.

Visit the Gazelle 3D website to view our complete range of 3D printing and CAD services or book an appointment with one of our experts and we will be keen to provide a customized solution for your architectural firm’s needs.