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The Intriguing Realm of 3D Printing

The 3D process is fascinating to watch as a computer- aided design (CAD) model meticulously adds layer by layer to create an object that is lifelike and ethereally realistic. A trend that saw the light of day in the 1980s, was been given a new lease of life in 2010. So much so that today the fantastically realistic world of 3D-printing techniques are considered viable as an industrial-production technology. There are now 3D printers for every material you can imagine – from plastics, metals, and ceramic, to bones, food, and cells.

Here are five strong reasons why people are turning rapidly to 3D printing.

  1. Rapid Production: From a prototype to a final product, 3D printing tests ideas and designs quickly. The faster supply gives impetus to the demand as these printers churn out products in hours.
  2. User Friendly: The boom in 3D printing came a decade ago in 2010 and since then, this user friendly services and products have attracted consumers because everyone feels it’s a breeze to be in.
  3. Superior Quality: 3D printing allows the step-by-step assembly of the object, while experiencing the touch and feel of the product prototype to physically test it and find flaws in the design. If a problem is found, the CAD file can be modified and a new version can be printed out. This flexibility guarantees enhanced designs and eventually better quality objects.
  4. Economical: Prototyping has always been costly as it incorporates human labor, production runs and injection molds. Labor costs of technical persons are also sky high with conventional subtractive manufacturing. However, with 3D printing services, you simply need one person issuing the order. Furthermore, 3D printing only uses material that is needed to create a prototype part, consequently there is no wastage and the original material can also be reused thus saving money and resources.
  5. Unlimited Creativity: 3D printing gives ample room for the creative juices to flow and makes way for customization to suit individual needs and preferences. Designing geometrically complex shapes can be done effortlessly. This creativity comes with the additional perk of reducing risk to verify product prototypes before starting out on substantial manufacturing investments. Thus there is room to experiment with seemingly zany, out of the box ideas to finally come up with something truly unique.

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